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 How does it work?

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PostSubject: How does it work?   How does it work? Icon_minitimeThu Mar 01, 2007 6:33 pm

The History of Harvest Moon

If you know the history of Harvest Moon, you can come down (attention! You necessarily have to read the rest, he speaks about festivaux of the site and how's that work)

Well, in Harvest Moon, you are a young farmer (male or female) who begins your life in farmer's job. You have to take care of your animals, grow crops, you marry and probably have a children.
It is everything.... (I know, it was not long)

In my forum, you don't has obliged to be a farmer (fiouuu ! silent ). You can be a doctor, a carpenter or anything else.
You can be the Harvest Goddess, the Witch Princess or the Harvest Sprites !

The time fly really fast in this forum. For 1 years pass, 4 months have to go...it simple. 1 month is 1 saisons of the 4 saisons. The festival are distribued in the month. The day in a month is 30 day. So, if we has in a month finished by 31 day, the 31th, we don't really play, just prepare our thing... In the february month(In the really life), we will retire 2 days. I will say it.

There are the festival :
(When I say the 1st day, is the first day of the month how we has)

Spring Festival
01st : New Years Day
Come eat some rice cake ! (At the Square)
14th : Spring Thanksgiving
The boy have to give to the girl some cookies ! (Not in a real place)
18th : Horse Race
Come to see what the best horse ! (At the Square)
22th : Cooking Festival
What the best food for the Gourmet ? (At the Square)

Summer Festival
01st : Beach Oppening Day
Its an "All you can eat" (At the Beach)
05th : Dog Freesbee
Who have the best dog ? (At the Beach)
13th : Chicken Sumo
A battle, Chicken VS Chicken (At the Square)
21th : Cow Festival
Who have the best cow ? (At the Square)
26th : Fireworks
Go check the beautiful fireworks ! (At the Beach)

Fall Festival
03th : Music Festival
Come to see the magnific corale ! (At the Church)
09th : Harvest Festial
Bring an ingredient to add it at the giant pot ! (At the Square)
21th : Sheep Festival
How has the best sheep ! (At the Square)
30th : Pumpkin Festival
Give some candy to the children. (At your home)

Winter Festival
14th : Valentine's Day How does it work? Heart_red
Rest with your girlfriend ! (At your home, or in a romantic place )
24th : Starry Night Festival
Rest with your family or in a party until midnight. (At your home or in a party)
25th : Christmas
Will you receive a present ? (At your home)
30th : New Years
Rest here with your friend (At the Mountain or at the Square)

When you love a person, you have to place her name and a heart. Where these are (The other people have to agree this) :
How does it work? Heart_purple=Friend
How does it work? Heart_blue=Good Friend
How does it work? Heart_green=Best Friend
How does it work? Heart_yellow=Very Like
How does it work? Heart_orange=Boyfriend/Girlfriend
How does it work? Heart_red=Fall in Love/Married
Yes, you can are a boyfriend/girlfriend of someone without fall in love with here Wink

Again with the love, you can create a "Heart Event" with someone. If you do that, the other person have to be all right with this. It can be anything in your Heart Event (except trick with sexual character)
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PostSubject: Re: How does it work?   How does it work? Icon_minitimeWed Feb 27, 2008 4:33 am

Let me write this in better English.(Also can't make big letters!)

If you know what Harvest Moon is and played it, you can skip this part.

Well,in Harvest Moon, you are a young farmer(a male or female) who begins your life in a farmer's job. You take care of animals, grow crops, and you may mary and probably have children. You do almost everything. (I know I did it short.)

In Dougy's forum, you don't have to be a farmer. You can be a doctor, a carpenter, or almost anything else. You can't be the Harvest Goddess, the Witch Princess or the Harvest Sprites since they were taking by other players. You can have a avatar like them though.

Time flies fast in the forum. In this game, 4 months(Real time.) have to past for to be a year.(In the forum.) The events will come in the months they are order into. (I posted what it will be in real months at the portal.) The day in the months(Game.)is 30 days. So if we have a month(Real time.) that has 31 days then, on that day we will get ready for the next month. In Feb., since there are only 28/29 days we won't play on that last day.

I am not doing events. Look at Dougy's thread.

When you love a person, you have to place her/his name and heart. The heart colors are(The person you like also has to say they like you too or it won't work.)

Purple Heart=friends
Blue Heart=good friend
Green Heart=best friend
Yellow Heart=very like(Little crush!)
Red Heart=Fall in love/Mary

Yes, in this forum you don't have to mary. You can just fall in love and boyfriends/girlfriends.

Again with love, you can create heart events with a player.(Have to agree you and the other person.)It can be anything.(Except trick of having sex.)

That is all and thank you for reading.
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How does it work?
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