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 Witch Princess' Shack

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Witch Princess
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Witch Princess

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Witch Princess' Shack Empty
PostSubject: Witch Princess' Shack   Witch Princess' Shack Icon_minitimeMon Mar 19, 2007 1:22 pm

Towards the far west of the villiage, fare past the Harvest Goddess' Pond, is a small thicket of dead and withered trees whos branches reach to the skies like a hundred boney hands reaching for salvation. Tucked away in this gristly thicket stands a lone shack, smothering you in it's forboding aura.

As you open the door, the heavily rusted hinges squeak and whine, sending shivers down your spine. Far back you can see a span of bookshelves, bowing under the weight of numerous tomes, each volume older and more abused than the last. An unkempt bed stands to your right, the sheets musty and nearly molded, and to your left, many barrels rest against the wall, full to the brim with herbs and other nasty foilage for use in whatever concoction the owner of this wretched establishment may brew.

In the very centre of the room is an earthen pit, lined with half-charred logs and tucked away in the shadow of the massive couldron that hangs above it.

This is the home of the Witch Princess. Enter if you dare.
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Witch Princess' Shack
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