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 The Bar

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PostSubject: The Bar   Wed Mar 28, 2007 7:50 am

Just pass the swinging doubledoors, and you'll find yourself staring at the main hall of the inn. Round tables and chairs were scattered all around the room, all romantically lit with candles stuck on little green bottles, and the walls were decorated with several framed pictures of old movie posters, as well as autographed black-and-white photos of celebrities, one of those a smiling Marilyn Monroe, taken in one of her better days. Nonetheless, even cheap modern art has a place in this quiet frontier of antiques, like that big and round Coca-cola clock that hung right next to the bar; covered with dust, but still ticking.

If it's the bar you're interested in, you'll find at a quick glance, that like everything around here, the bar's a fragment of the olden days, perhaps something out of an old western. Long and lean, this bar was constructed by smooth walnut wood and decorative bars of brass and ivory, running along the sides of the bar. There's even a long brass bar on the bottom, where you can rest your heels on them as you lean over the bar for a drink.

On the counter top was exactly what the bar has to offer. A little soda fountain and an ice cream maker sat on one end of the bar, both adorned with a Post-It note which says the only available flavors; one of them read 'Coke', and the other 'Vanilla'. But for those that want their liqour, there were always two wooden barrels of beer for them, with cute little bronze taps that were shaped like birds. Right next to them was a CD player and a little CD rack. Since the jukebox that used to be here wore out, you can use the CD player to play whatever tunes you fancy, even bring your own CDs if you wish, all for free.

This is Tara Howard's place, so go ahead, make yourselves at home, just wipe your feet on the mat before you come in.
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The Bar
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