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 My home

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PostSubject: My home   My home Icon_minitimeTue Mar 13, 2007 2:08 pm

This is my house, and as the result of being Mayor, there are papers all over the floor, desk, and dining room table. The desk holds a Mac, and a shelf full of many books, half fantasy, half politics. Her fridge is stocked full of everything except for meat, for she is a vegetarian. Her bedroom is full of even more books, everywhere except the bed, which has a black bedspread. It is a full size. Her dining room table has eight spots, and she sits at the head of it whe she eats, staring at the empty seats. When you walk in the door, your eyes will meet the messiness, and a couch, with a small tv on a table in front of it. The kitchen is a mess as well, except for the island in the middle, where she prepares her food. The kitchen holds a fridge, an oven, and a toaster oven.
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My home
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