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 Open for Bussiness

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PostSubject: Open for Bussiness   Open for Bussiness Icon_minitimeMon May 26, 2008 3:24 pm


Bathroom - Comes with a Small Shower, Sink, and a Toilet - 2,000G

Add a Room - 3,000G

Demolish a Room - 2,500G


~Living Room Furniture~

Coffee Table - 250G
End Table - 400G
Black and White TV - 100G
Color TV - 600G
DVD Player - Needs a Color TV to work - 200G
Table Lamp - 50G
Floor Lamp - 200G
Bookshelf - 400G

~Bedroom Furniture~

3-Shelf Dresser - 400G
4-Shelf Dresser - 500G
5-Shelf Dresser - 600G
Wardrobe - 200G
Table Lamp - 50G
Floor Lamp - 200G
End Table - 400G
Single Bed - 300G
Double Bed - 400G
Forget-Me-Not King Bed - 1,000G
Four Poster Bed - 2,500G
Wall Mirror - 350G
Floor Mirror - 700G


Larger Shower - 500G
Add a Bathtub - 1,500G
Larger Bathtub - 3,000G
Mirror - 350G
Larger Mirror - 800G


Larger Fridge - 1,000G
Freezer - 500G
Larger Freezer - 1,000G
Add a Counter - 250G
Larger Sink - 500G
Larger Stove - 1,000G

~Dining Room~

Table - 300G
Larger Table - 1,000G
Chair - 50G Each
Install a Candelebra - 2,000G

~Other Items~

Add a Fireplace To Any Room - 2,000
Rug - 150G
Pond - 10 000G
Barn - 5000G
Bird Shed - 5000G
Maker Shep - 4000G
Musroom Shed - 3000G
Stable - 3000G
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Open for Bussiness
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