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 My little Project...

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My little Project... Empty
PostSubject: My little Project...   My little Project... Icon_minitimeSun Apr 01, 2007 10:52 am

I have already talk about it to some persons. I have to say to you then the forum will close.

But, but, BUT, I create an website of this forum AND I will create a game online of Harvest Moon in 2D. So, go in "Here !", I have create a topic named "Your Command". In this topic, you have to give me ALL the face of your personnage (Happy, Angry, Sad, Lovey-Dovey) modified. If you don't want to modify the avatar, say it to me, explain me how you want her/she has, etc. Rooky, Harvest Goddess and Witch Princess, you don't have to explain me your character.

Rooky, I already work on your character, and Harvest Goddess and Witch Princess too.

Go in the topic to know more.

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3 Think I Dislike : Adamantite, Peridot, Alexandrine

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My little Project...
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